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Mental Health Promotion

Anger Solutions

This 10 week program addresses the issues of anger resolution difficulties, teaching skills to improve communication and assertive techniques. If you or someone you know struggles with anger, the Anger Solutions Program is the SOLUTION!

Living Life to the Full

Want to know how to feel better, right now? This enjoyable, interactive course introduces the principles of CBT and will help you understand your feelings and what to do about them!

In eight, enjoyable 90-minute sessions – one per week – this course helps people to make a difference to their lives. Each session is expertly moderated and includes a booklet. Participants are taught how to deal with their feelings when fed up, worried, or hopeless, and learn skills that help them tackle life’s problems.

Mental Health First Aid

First Aid is the help given to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained.  Mental Health First Aid is the help given to someone developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.  The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis resolves.

MHFA Canada program aims to improve mental health literacy and provides skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems, in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague.

Promote Mental Health in Your Workplace

2017 Training Guide: Promote Mental Health in Your Workplace. Canadian Mental Health Association Sault Ste. Marie offers workshops open to the general public and to organizations. We also offer workshops in the community and onsite at your location. Our training and workshops are staffed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals and provide opportunities for increased mental health and addictions awareness and knowledge.

Resources and Presentations

The agency informs and educates the community about mental health and mental illness, provides workshops and seminars on a variety of topics to interested groups, workplaces and to the general public, and provides a lending library that includes a variety of pamphlets, information packages, books and videos.


safeTALK, suicide alertness for everyone

Learn four basic steps to recognize persons with thoughts of suicide and connect them with suicide helping resources.

This three-hour training can help you make a difference.

Shadows of the Mind Film Festival

A film festival that showcases films and other art forms for two purposes: to entertain and to educate. By attracting audiences through the entertainment value of film, we use select films and events to increase awareness and education on mental health and addiction issues, as well as other prevalent social topics as decided each year.

TAMI - Talking About Mental Illness

The program involves local community partners in developing and organizing an awareness presentation that is hosted by local secondary schools. Partners include youth, people with mental illness and their family members, clinicians, teachers, mental health and other agency representatives.  The presentation includes information on mental illness and stigma and also includes presentations by consumers who are experiencing mental illness in their lives.