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Dual Diagnosis

The Dual Diagnosis Clinic, offered in partnership between SAH and CMHA, is available to individuals with a developmental disability and complex mental health needs, requiring a medication review and/or to explore other treatment options.  Psychiatric assessment and consultation focuses on providing support to optimize quality of life, enhance independence, and to reduce the need for hospitalization.  This is an adjunct to services provided through CMHA and North Bay Regional Health Centre, Development Disabilities Service.  Referral to this program must be completed through a Primary Healthcare Provider.

Program Activities and Services

  • comprehensive psychiatric assessment and treatment
  • assessment and monitoring of medical/therapeutic outcomes to prevent initial hospitalization or re-hospitalization
  • linking clients to available community services
  • providing individual support and skill teaching to clients when community services are not available
  • providing support and education to client’s support network
  • consulting with inpatient clinicians at admission or readmission
  • participating hospital discharge planning
  • liaising with primary health care providers and psychiatrists
  • monitoring medication main and side effects

For more information please call the Local Dual Diagnosis Clinic at ext. 228 or ext. 229.