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Central Access and Information Service

The Central Access and Information Service is a welcoming environment that is accessible by telephone or by walk-in, where people are assisted with information on what mental health and addictions services are available across the district as well as helping link them to the appropriate level of service.  Information on mental health, mental illness and addictions is also available.
The creation of a common access and information service for mental health and addictions service is an initiative of all the addiction and mental health partners in Algoma and it hopes to:
  • help to reduce confusion for individuals and providers on what services are available and where
  • assist with linking individuals to the right level of service that is available
  • provide a consistent response related to mental health and addiction services that are available
  • significantly expand the regular office ours of service for assisting individuals seeking information and services

Available by calling 705-759-5989 or in the District at 1-855-366-1466

Monday to Friday 8:30 AM – 8:00 PM